our story

How did all of this begin? Well, it's a bit like this...

Where we started

We thought there had to be a more economical and environmentally friendly way to deliver rubbish removal skip bins and thus passing the savings onto the end user, you the customer and taking care of the environment at the same time.
So the challenge was to build a system to do this and what you see today is the end result of many hours of research, phone calls, reams of paper, drawings and whiteboard sessions.

By utilising a towable trailer to make the delivery of our skip bins, it reduces the carbon foot print and vehicle running costs which in the end is better for our environment and offers us the ability to offer our customers a better deal.

our vision

Hours of thoughts and using Mr Google has led to todays trailer, but it wasn’t all plain sailing, nothing like this had been built here in New Zealand.

From getting bins to load onto the trailer, to empty and above all trying to keep the weight of the trailer down to the lightest possible weight was one on the biggest challanges we faced. We needed to be able to use existing bins that were already on the market as these could be sourced from most bin builders so in it self this was a another hurdle.

Even the engineers found it to be a challenge but after 14 months from conception to delivering skip bins, we are up and running, and very proud of what we have achieved.

Sooo what do we call this new business? Well by blending 2 words, Philip (our name) and Skip (the bins) we came up with PHILASKIP!
Cool eh!

So for all your Skip Bin needs, give Philaskip a call. We would love to help

Bruce & Julie.